D-BUSINESS® Email Archive

Frankfurt am Main, April 2018 +++

New at DREGER IT: The secure and legally compliant D-BUSINESS® Email Archive.

E-Mails do not only serve as the most important communication medium for most companies – they are also one of the most important sources information. Much business-critical information is saved in E-Mails. Reason enough to eliminate the possibility of loss and unauthorized access.  The D-BUSINESS® Email Archive solution archives all or selected incoming and outgoing E-Mails in your company automatically and audit-proof. On local disks or external storage media.

The E-Mail-Archive Solution by DREGER IT

Your business and tax-relevant E-Mails are saved in a separate archive by means of a filter; personal data is protected from unauthorized access.  Thus all relevant legal requirements can be fulfilled and financial risks that may arise due to loss of data or legal problems can be minimized.  Another advantage is the included, free anti-spam and anti-virus solution.

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